About us

We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to develop leaders, identify emerging talent and achieve cultural change. Our solutions are people focused, innovative and inspiring. We are driven through facilitating shifts in “mind-sets” to achieve lasting change.

Our strategy and research is analytical and evidence based enabling clients to focus on solutions that create vibrant, socially responsible and profitable business.

What we do

Leadership Development

Inclusive cultures support diverse workplaces to perform at their best. Inclusive leadership is critical to achieving genuine and sustainable behavioural change. We help clients by curating and delivering innovative leadership programmes, based on international experience of cross-cultural working. Our success is based on creative thinking, planning and bespoke material design with honest conversations about client […]

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Strategy, Planning & Research

We undertake research, audits and analysis to help identify issues and organisational blockages that hinder cultural change. This includes investigating the ethical issues of AI and algorithm design to curating strategies to achieve cultural change. Ways in which we help with clients: Assessing leadership and management capability for Mergers and Acquisitions. Utilising leading-edge analytical and […]

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Advisory & Consultancy Support

We work closely with clients to provide confidential advisory and consultancy support to deliver strategic and corporate activities and projects. Ways in which we help clients: Salary bench-marking and pay gap analysis to realign remuneration policies creating more equitable remuneration packages. Candidate assessment and psychometric testing to improve talent acquisition processes. Undertaking investigations and mediation […]

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Our values

  • Honesty: We listen and provide feedback with integrity in a safe environment enabling clients and staff alike to engage positively.
  • Innovation: Our creative approach to problem solving combining orthodox methods with more analytical approaches enables more disruptive thinking leading to innovative solutions.
  • Collaboration: We create effective and sustainable solutions through working closely with our clients and building ownership for cultural change.
  • Fun: We help clients to tackle difficult issues through serious and fun conversations, celebrating what is good, inspiring staff at all levels to lead.

Who we are

Kulbir Shergill

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Noorzaman Rashid

Managing Partner
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Phone: +44-7891-110049

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