Inclusive cultures support diverse workplaces to perform at their best. Inclusive leadership is critical to achieving genuine and sustainable behavioural change. We help clients by curating and delivering innovative leadership programmes, based on international experience of cross-cultural working.

Our success is based on creative thinking, planning and bespoke material design with honest conversations about client challenges. We help create long-term and sustainable leadership strategies.
Ways in which we help with clients:

  • Building an understanding of inclusive, collaborative and authentic leadership, including “leadership and place” through bespoke programmes aimed at developing current and emerging leaders.
  • Facilitating honest conversations with leadership teams to articulate genuine leadership and management challenges that need to be addressed.
  • Observing Board and Executive meetings to provide feedback on unconscious bias providing tactics and strategies for change.
  • Identifying opportunities for emerging talent to participate on board level activities with charities, helping to develop their strategic skills whilst contributing to a social cause.
  • Designing reciprocal mentoring programmes that support learning and understanding for leadership teams of the cultural challenges faced by diversity groups and the role that they can take to shift the culture